December 9, 2012

This poem was written in conjunction with a previous post titled “#overit #waitnoimnot”


When you take my stuff
Without asking;
When you never
Call or text me back;
When you aren’t around
For Christmas,
For Thanksgiving,
For me;
When I can’t let
It go.

Running through the woods
With you
With our backpacks on;
How we would stand
In the hallway between our rooms
And kick the big blue ball
Back and forth
Until Mom would tell us to go
To sleep;
Laughing and singing and
Being your little sister.

“That’s my little sister,
She’s gonna play with us.”
Sometimes you would
Call me annoying
But you would never
Let anyone else call me that.
Plus, I was only annoying
Because I wanted to
Hang out with you.
Some things never change.

You were always okay with leaving,
Going off on your own
To another side of the world.
That’s made it okay for me
To do the same.
You’ve given me permission,
The courage for great adventure.
You’ve showed me
How to live a life
Chasing the next one.

But maybe you should
Consider how much
I miss you
When you’re away,
When you don’t call,
When you don’t ask,
When I really, really

Just want you around.

You don’t have to
Be here
To be here.
You don’t have to
Feel bad
About who you are
Or what you are doing
Or what you will do
Or what you have done.

We have it.
But I’m not sure what
It really means.
Entirely, at least.
I do know
That it makes me happy
To see you happy.
That’s all I want
For you,
All I could ever hope
For you.

We were not born
Of the same mother,
Of the same father.
We are not blood.
But you are my flesh.



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