December 13, 2012

Miss Youngman,

You wrote my name down on the note for being disrespectful and not paying attention in class. I shouldn’t have been disrespectful in class.

I was disrespectful to you in class and throwing erasers. I should have been respectful to you because you probably won’t want to come back to our school now because kids were making smart comments.

I also should have been playing attention in class because if you don’t, you won’t learn anything. If I don’t learn anything in class, I won’t pass it. I was throwing erasers in class instead of doing my work.

I was causing more problems for you because kids weren’t paying attention and doing their work. And if they aren’t doing their work, you have to yell at them. I threw an eraser at a kid and he picked it up and threw it back and you caught me.

You might argue that I should have been doing my work but everyone has to have fun once in a while. Somebody our age can’t just sit in a chair all hour and do work.

Your friend,



2 thoughts on ““Somebody our age can’t just sit in a chair all hour and do work.”

  1. This speaks volumes. Kids gotta play! We all have to play, and move, and THAT is, in large part, how we learn! What a great note.

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