September 17, 2014

I am in my second fall season as an Assistant Volleyball Coach at Saginaw Valley State University. And I am entirely in love with what I am doing. The challenges of the job require me to harness all of my strengths and talents. And the joys allow me to give the best of myself, optimistic, enthusiastic, open and grateful.

There’s only one real issue: I am not a normal human when we are in season. My brain thinks of little else and my body and loved ones get neglected. I have already apologized multiple times to my peeps for ditching a dinner date or not calling for almost a month (sorry mom and dad) and other, perhaps even more egregious offenses. I just hope that they can stay patient with me long enough for me to return to being a normal human/good friend/daughter.

But I also recognize that this is not a sustainable path. Nay, this is an unhealthy cycle. So, I am to write a non-exhaustive list of bullshit I do to veg out (i.e. not help myself feel like a normal human) or things I do that inadvertently veg out my brain because I decide I am too tired to actually treat myself like the lovely goddess I am:

– watch bologna television (honestly, straight up garbage)
– fucking Candy Crush
– eat Panda Express
– do work instead of work out
– decline sex and affection
– since when has Twitter become such a priority?
– smartphone usage in general

I don’t know if there is a moral or a lesson in all of this except that I am fairly certain that I will read this in a year and think, “Good lord, Callie. This post is about nothing.” And maybe also, “You were onto something.”


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