This seems like this is a fairly standard procedure here in the blogosphere – to explicitly set a purpose. I have been waiting for my desire to fill my stacks of yellow legal pads with thoughts other than notes from classes, lectures and research to take hold in reality; I concede. I don’t really have expectations for this blog except to serve as forum and respite: a forum for me to animate my writing, and a respite from feeling profoundly constipated as a writer, thinker, emoter.

2013: A year of honesty. Mostly, with myself.

Or, “We should have a full vent/laugh-at-our-awkward-life-stage session since we are experiencing very similar feelings in Cadillac, Michigan.”

2014: Oo girl, just a little bit. Oo girl, a little bit more.

Or, “No worries. All good things happening good time. See you soon enjoy”

2015: Compassion + Competition

Or, “When someone feels appreciated, they go beyond what is expected.” And “In mentoring you, I mentor myself.”

2016: Trailblazing of My Own

Or, “I think The Universe trying to tell you something bigger is out there for you.”

2017: Transitioning and Holding Space

Or, growing up is hard to do.

2018: Routine/Rhythm 

Or, ”




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